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Must have sweaters in every man’s wardrobe


There are so many sweater options that we can wear during fall and winter. During colder months, men are obsessed with thin knits for layering under button-down shirts and tucking into trousers, while chunky knits are usually styled with anything from cargo pants to skinny jeans. However, there are some men’s sweater styles that are simply must-haves. Every man should own these sweater types to add versatility, simplicity, and wearability to his wardrobe. The good thing is that they are made from different fabrics, including cashmere and fabric, and one should choose one that fits him well. Below is a list of the best knitwear you can shop for at Wayrates at affordable prices.

  1. Turtleneck.

Turtlenecks give out streamlined elegance, grace and class. They can be termed classic and timeless garments that can never go out of style. A turtleneck has endless options for styling and function, and that is why it should be a must-have in every man’s closet. You can style withmen’s long sleeve t-shirts or wear your favourite pair of jeans to bring out a cute and fashionable look. Whether layered under a vest or sleeveless shirt or worn on its own, a turtle neck will give out a simple and unique style and still keep you warm.

  1. Cardigans.

Cardigans add a certain level of creativity and statement to your outfit. You can choose to dress them down or up by pairing them with nice t-shirts or over some jeans and a nice shirt. Cardigans can be worn during summer for style, but you can also add them to your winter closet for a cute and unique style. They are so versatile, and you can choose to wear them to the office, to dinner, out with your friends or to stay at home.

  1. Sweater shirts

These shirts are among men’s trendy clothing that is so easy to wear compared to other types of shirts. During summer, you can choose to wear them with cute sneakers, while when the temperatures go down, you can wear them with boots and a pair of black jeans for an instant outfit. Sweater dresses can be worn anywhere from the office to your casual days and also it is perfect for every season.


Consider having the above items in your wardrobe to wear during cold weather or on chilly days.



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