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Writing critical reviews of journal articles: Advanced Guide 2021


Writing critical reviews constitute an important part of research writing. Critical reviews help you explore the relevance or competency of your source with your target research. In writing a critical review of a scholarly source, you have to channel your critical reading and writing skills to the fullest. Not only you need to carefully summarize the source but present an evaluative critique that helps the readers understand its competency.

Writing critical reviews is not an easy task. Many students, especially those who are new to advanced academic writing, find  it difficult to understand and develop a competitive critique of scholarly articles. To ease this trouble, there are some of the best yet cheap essay writing service available that offer their services in providing critical reviews. Availing of these services, you can have competent critical reviews written at affordable prices from experienced writers.

Returning to our discussion of writing critical reviews, you need to be aware of the format, content writing style followed by the purpose of writing critical reviews to develop a strong critique. Critical reviews follow an unbiased, objective and neutral language. The purpose of your critical reviews is to offer an evaluation of the source by highlighting its strengths and weaknesses without letting your biases get in the way.

To write a competent critical review, you also need to have a detailed understanding of the text and the purpose it communicates in review writing. In writing a critical essay essay writer must correlate, connect and explore the viewpoints or arguments presented by the article to develop its critique. A critical review must not exceed the length of 1-4 pages. The reader must find your content engaging and relevant to grasp the central idea of the text.


In the following section, we have outlined a detailed guide following which you can create compelling and competitive critical reviews of journal articles.

1)                 Introduction

The first and foremost element of a critical review is the introductory paragraphs that act as a hook to grasp the attention of the readers. In your introduction, you must begin with the name of the authors/researchers followed by the title tag of your journal article under analysis. Add some lines outlining the aim of your critique followed by the key arguments that you will highlight in your review.

2)                 Summary

In the next paragraph, add a summary of your source highlighting all the key arguments discussed by the author in the scholarly article. To write a short and crisp summary, it is always advised to annotate your source as you read. For example, when I write my essay I make sure to highlight the text and make short notes of the important point as I read. When you have your annotations available, writing a summary for your source becomes relatively easy.

3)                 Critique

After providing your summary, add a detailed critique of the source including all the strengths and shortcomings of your source under analysis. When developing your critique, first select your focus area from the source that you want to discuss. Make sure that you provide relevant evidence from your source to validate your critique. Another point worth to notice is that keep your critique balanced; meaning that it must equally discuss the strengths as well as the weaknesses of your source.

4)                 Recommendations

Once you have identified the weaknesses or the shortcoming of your source under analysis, the next step is to provide recommendations and suggestions as to how the article from free essay writer can be improved in terms of its ideas or arguments.

5)                 Conclusion

Conclude your review by restating your overall opinion followed by any further explanations that are necessary to include.

And there you go with a completed critical review. We hope you must have found this article helpful in learning review writing. Wishing you good luck with your critical reviews.   



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