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Morgan May
Posté le 28/06/2021  
Writing a thesis with pleasure: tips and life hacks

Writing a plan

Having a teacher and literature on the topic of the thesis, the student must draw up a plan for his project. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">When writing it, it is worth remembering that the FQP should include both a theoretical (analysis of sources) and a practical part (analysis of the activities of the selected organization, identification of shortcomings and </font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">provision of recommendations for their solution). </font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">This structure is universal for almost all areas of study.</font></font>   

Replacing illiterate words

To show your competence in the chosen topic, it is necessary to replace the <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">commonly used </font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">vocabulary with a more specialized one. </font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">For example, instead of the word “wrong” you should write “impractical”, and instead of “profitability” - “profitability”.</font></font>   

Logic is a sign of literacy

All work should be consistent, that is, one section should be logically related to another. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">For this, it is necessary to use linking phrases. </font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">For example, you can use the following expressions:</font></font>  

  •                                       Further, it will be advisable to consider;
  •                                       Subsequently, it will be important to pay attention.

With such phrases, it will turn out to make the process many times easier, because they will help both the student and the supervisor when writing and checking the thesis.

Life hacks <font style="vertical-align: inherit;">that will make it easier to write a thesis project</font> 

When interviewing students who have already successfully defended their thesis, the following <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">life hacks </font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">were </font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">derived:</font></font>  

  •                                       You need to want to write a diploma. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">If a student really wants to write a project, then he has almost reached his goal. </font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">The best motivation for students is the understanding that working on a diploma will allow him to apply the knowledge he received during his studies in practice.</font></font>  
  •                                       It is worth understanding your capabilities. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">The student needs to determine how much free time he has to write a diploma, whether he has access to specialized literature and Internet resources. </font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">Thus, a person will understand when it is better for him to start writing a project;</font></font>  
  •                                       Find a specialist in your field. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">If a student has an acquaintance who understands the topic he has chosen to write a diploma, </font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">then he can discuss the problems he is having. </font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">In addition, it is easy to hold a discussion with him, thanks to which it will be possible to consider the problem in more detail;</font></font>   
  •                                       Choose a topic that is truly interesting. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">Even those who study in the specialty that does not suit them can find an aspect that is not boring for them and disassemble it. </font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">At the same time, in such a situation, it is not important to have </font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">knowledge on the topic, but to want to study it. </font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">In addition, the problem selected for consideration should be relevant at the time of writing the thesis;</font></font>   
  •                                       Get help. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">Sometimes it is very difficult to write a term paper due to the fact that the work needs to be formalized and brought to a low level in anti-plagiarism. </font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">This can take a very long time. </font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">And if it really is not enough, the best solution would be to turn to the  </font>coursework writing service<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"> </font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">.</font></font>      
  •                                       Stimulate yourself. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">To work on your graduation project with pleasure, you need to reward yourself after completing each point of the plan. </font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">For example, you can buy a coveted book or treat yourself to something sweet that will increase the level of endorphins in your blood. </font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">As a result, the student, even after writing an entire chapter of his thesis, will not feel tired and will happily proceed to the next point of his plan.</font></font>   

In addition, an excellent solution for those students who cannot start writing a thesis project for a long time is to prepare a desktop. <font style="vertical-align: inherit;">To do this, it is necessary to remove all foreign objects that will distract a person from the task at hand.</font> 



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