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Speech recognition works with children. and it's time



Speech Recognition Technology Finally Works for Kids
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This was not the case in 1999 when my colleagues at Scholastic Education and I launched a reading intervention program called READ 180. We hoped to include voice-activated abilities: Children would read to the program. Computers which provide real information - feedback on their fluency and literacy. In turn, teachers receive information about student progress.
Unfortunately, our thinking is 20 years ahead of technology, and we move forward with the READ 180 without the use of speech recognition capabilities. Even at the peak of the dot-com bubble. Speech recognition for the classroom is still mostly science fiction.Artificial intelligence and machine learning are not helping us map the terabytes of data needed to prevent ambient noise in a busy classroom.
And it has never been developed to understand the complexity of children's voices. which has a different pitch and speech pattern than that of an adult Memorize accents and accents much less. and last but not least Manage your child's unpredictable behavior when Get involved with technology At Scholastic, we don't want to tell kids that they're learning something while they're not. And we understand
the profound meaning of telling young students that they have done something wrong when they are truly forward to today Speech recognition has reached a point where it can recognize and process children's speech. and explain differences in accents or dialects. Companies such as Dublin-based SoapBox Labs have developed speech recognition technology. It's modeled on the variety of children's

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