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kafa88Posté 03/08/2021


We hope you weren't planning on ทดลองเล่นสล็อตฟรีxo decorating your wrist with a titanium Apple Watch Series 6. As Mark Gurman and Mac Rumors of Bloomberg point out, titanium Apple Watch is mostly not available in the company's online stores in the US and other countries,
regardless of whether you try ... for delivery or pickup. This applies no matter what case or strap you have.The foodie, in his Power On newsletter, suggested that Apple had underestimated demand. It likely produced a small number of titanium
Apple Watches and stopped production “months ago” in anticipation of a shift in focus to Series 7, Gourmet said, but ended prematurely as sales remained relatively strong. While we wouldn't classify the Titanium Series 6 as a runaway hit, if true, Apple's luxury wristwatch may have been better than expected.
It is unknown if Apple is offering the 7 Series Titanium or not. The tech giant has often changed its Watch Edition strategy, ditching solid gold originals in favor of more affordable ceramics and eventually titanium. He may decide that the costs of producing high-end watches do not justify the relatively meager sales.
There are always Hermès models if you want to show off. At the same time, the titanium versions do not cost much more in practice - and they can serve as a halo watch that attracts both ordinary watch lovers and wealthy people.


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