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kafa88Posté 17/08/2021


We all fold paper into planes and throw them away a few times in our lives.But what if you could learn the secret to being the best? to make them go beyond the efforts of your friends. or longer in the air And what about the science behind them? A sheet of paper changes from what you might write. Is it something that can fly?
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Lazar Krstic was the best European champion at the latest Red Bull Paper Wings – basically the world championship for paper planes.Like most young children Serbian mechanical engineering graduate makes paper airplanes for fun But he didn't get serious about it until he was 16,and he heard there would be a paper plane competition in his home town.
He didn't make any cuts at that time. But when it came time for another lap in 2019, he was ready.He not only won regional and national competitions. But he also finished second at the World Finals in Austria, throwing his "dart plane" more than 52 meters, the width of 20 London's famous double-decker buses.


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