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kafa88Posté 27/08/2021



looking back Nobody is ready for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. We're not familiar with the masterpiece superhero movie. We are used to the ordinary We like it moderately, we crave it, consume its marketing material. drip down to our hungry tongues Nothing quenchs thirst like mediocrity. Love it. Can't get enough. Please be a little more simple.
When talking about how to manage the เล่นสล็อตออนไลน์ brain in order to make a good memory and feel relaxed In order to play PG SLOT chillingly, what methods does everyone think of? Most people probably think of the classic answer as 'Playing a riddle game' right? Playing riddles can be a very popular way to exercise your brain
Thank you Disney, thank you Marvel for ordinary people. For inventing templates and not getting lost for 22 movies to three-star movies of all time. We are already familiar with it. It should be a good thing I used to complain about superhero fatigue. Now I accept the crush Live your life, Marvel, make your three-star movie. At least they're not Rise of Skywalker, no, they're just mediocre and that's… good?
However, it's unfortunate for Marvel that superhero movies hit theaters sporadically. to remind you what magic looks like To reframe your idea of ​​what "good" is, in 2018 the movie was Into the Spider-Verse.and by god you should watch it But be careful at your own risk. Seriously. I've spent the past five years neglecting a superhero movie that's as safe as
it gets after years of rewatching Into The Spider-Verse. hard to go back Are you ready for a hyperbolic, non-critical look at why Into The Spider-Verse is the best superhero movie of the past decade and beyond?It's probably best to start with aesthetics and visual design.Producer Phil lord and christopher Miller wanted Into The Spider-Verse to have a unique look from the start. As a result, 




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