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wholesale Wet Classificiation Screen
FMVS Composite-vibrating screen series
The vibration on deck is jointly done by two systems: linear and electromagnetic exciters. With a strong intensity and a high frequency(50Hz), electromagnetic vibration makes the material down the sieve easily; with a large amplitude, a low frequency(16 or 25Hz) and a throwing force, the liners vibration facilitates an easy loosening and conveying of the material.
All this serves as one of the best combinations for fine screening vibration technology in the  world, thus is more efficient than single vibration source.
This combination is widely applied int the fields of ore concentration, coal preparation, construction materials and chemical industry etc.
The dry screening is for fine classification(-10mm) of coal, brick making, chemcial industry, fertilizer etc. The screen surface can be designed as single-channel and double-channel. The wet screens have two purpose series; classification and dewatering. The classification screens are for classifying the fine material and the screen surface can be designed as stack-size(1-2); while the dewatering screens are normally one-stack for tailing, quartz sand and coal slurry
ModelStackSieveing Area  (m2)Power (KW)Application
Wet classification
2FMVSK20201(2 decks)4.007.52
2FMVSK24201(2 decks)4.807.52
Dry classification or wet classifiction & dewatering
2FMVS12351(2 decks)4.205.00
2FMVS20301(2 decks)6.009.32wholesale Wet Classificiation Screen


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