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Razer's Barracuda X wireless headset is aimed at Switch and Android.


Between the enduring popularity of the เกม slotxo Nintendo Switch, the growing power of flagship phones And with new services like Apple Arcade, portable gaming has finally moved to the forefront. However, the absence of a 3.5mm port on mobile devices has left multiplayer with premium audio.
Bluetooth headphones just don't cut it when you want to perfectly sync audio. If you want a solid connection Your best bet is an RF dongle, which tends to use USB-A. In a world where USB-C ports are constantly outpacing,
Razer has finally stepped up with the first mobile headset that can connect. Hook it up to a Switch, an Android phone, or a thin and light laptop, the $100 Barracuda X.The Barracuda X is far from the first headset aimed at Nintendo Switch players;
We're big fans of SteelSeries' Arctis 1 Wireless for its comfort and excellent sound quality. and have included them in some of our gift guides. It's fair to say that this headset is the Barracuda's main competitor, and even the RF adapter looks the same.

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