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Razer's Latest Blade 17 Introduces 11th Gen Core i9 CPUs


Razer has unveiled its latest Blade 17 with the เข้าระบบ slotxo latest pieces from NVIDIA and Intel aimed at gamers and content creators alike. It also released the gentler, but much cheaper and still fairly well-equipped Blade 15 Base, also equipped with Intel's latest 11th gen CPUs.
The Blade 17 is without a doubt the star of this show, as it comes with Intel's 11th Gen 8-core Core i9-11900H, the same one we saw in its Blade 15 laptop earlier this year. As Intel's first 10-nanometer gaming PC chips, it offers a 19 percent speed increase over equivalent next-generation CPUs,
Intel claims. You can also clock the chip up to 4.9 GHz while watching a standard PL1 power consumption of 65 watts. All of that means you should see more performance and power efficiency at the same time, according to Razer and Intel.

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