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Lyft shared travel returns with COVID measures and advanced bookings

Unsurprisingly, Lyft canceled its ride-sharing as เล่นสล็อต COVID-19 emerged, but it is rethinking as the pandemic (hopefully) eases and demands resume. The company is relaunching ride-sharing on July 19, with minor tweaks to make both your journey streamlined and aware of the unusual US safety concerns.
You can now request a trip up to 30 minutes in advance, saving you money and increasing your chances of getting an optimized route. There will also be no surprise route changes or delays if you select the option. You won't be late for work because someone praises sitting at the 'wrong' moment.
And yes, you still need to comply with pandemic security restrictions. Everyone in the car still had to wear masks. There will be no more than two passengers. (Both backseats) You can't eat or drink either. If anyone breaks the rules, both the driver and the passenger can cancel the ride without penalty.


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