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Reefs that tend to deteriorate despite 'recovery' corals


The outlook for the Great Barrier Reef remains "terrible" despite coral recovery over the past year. An Australian government scientist said on Monday. It was only a few days before UNESCO considered the site's World Heritage status.
The United Nations cultural agency recommended last month that the เข้าเล่นเกม slotxo world's largest coral reef system is on the endangered list because most of the damage to coral is caused by climate change.
The Australian Academy of Marine Sciences (AIMS) said the coral is now in A "recovery window" follows the relief efforts that come after more than a decade of dangerous heat stress and cyclones.
But such opportunities are becoming rarer because of the impact of climate change. The government agency, which has been monitoring coral reefs for 35 years, said in an annual report released on Monday.
“The increasing prominence of climate-related extreme weather events and outbreaks of spiny starfish has created more intense and frequent stressors. This makes coral reefs less likely to recover.

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