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Phosphine on Venus may come from volcanic eruptions.
Last year, scientists reported detecting signs of phosphine. Phosphine is a molecule of one phosphorus and three hydrogen atoms on Venus' clouds. On Earth, phosphine is produced in factories and is found nearmicroorganisms.somePhosphine on VenusIt could be a sign of life on a hot and polluted planet.
But new research from Cornell University planetary scientists In the United States, phosphine may not be a sign of life. but as a result of volcanic eruptions It suggested that volcanic eruptions could spew phosphine into the atmosphere of Venus. After analyzing laboratory data on the chemistry of phosphorus, as well as calculating the volcanic and atmospheric activity of Venus. Scientists have found that volcanoes on Venus may have carriedof acompoundphosphorusphosphidesmall amountscalledfrom deep in the planet's crust into the atmosphere. Volcanic eruptions can spew these phosphides in the form of dust. when rising into the atmosphere The chemical reacts with sulfuric acid to form phosphine.
and to enable the phosphide to reach the height required for phosphine detection. As reported last year Scientists suggest that An eruption on Venus was needed to be comparable to the eruption of Krakatau on Earth in 1883, a historic disaster recorded on Earth.
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