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Posté le 27/07/2021  
Use electricity to turn carbon waste into graphene, the precious mater


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Graphene Molecular Structure Model

The problem of overflowingslotwaste and global warming which is caused by the emission of carbon and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is going to be solved with new innovations. The invention can turn every carbon-based waste into graphene, the wonder material of the future with high value.

A team of chemists from Rice University in the United States has invented a method for producing graphene from carbon waste. A detailed paper on the above work was published in the journal Nature, stating that high quality graphene powder can be produced in a low cost method. It is also produced quickly.

A small reactor was built to electrically heat the waste. by a method called "Joule heating" or "Ohmic heating" is where electric current is released to come into contact with waste that has a short electrical resistance, but generates heat. up to 3,000 Kelvin

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Graphene, the ultimate substance that will revolutionize technology.
Australian researchers create miracle material graphene from vegetable oil
Seawater is now drinkable with a graphene filter.
This heat breaks the carbon bonds of the waste. and put it through the process of returning to the ground state. which is to revert to graphite. The researchers were able to stop this reaction midway at the stage where it was transformed into graphene. The whole process takes only a few milliseconds.

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