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Krispy Kreme has officially launched its Xbox branded donuts.


Gaming promotions are getting more and more. The เล่น slotxo era of grabbing Mountain Dew or the Doritos set to win Xbox One is long gone. in a world that gets attention must be something new Otherwise it's DOA.
As a result, Krispy Kreme invented the "Nexus level" donut as part of a new Xbox cross promotion in the UK and Ireland. That's the top of the icy glory.
Buy an Xbox branded donut box between August 2nd and 22nd for a chance to win one month of Xbox Series S and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (if you're a new subscriber) to check
if you're stuck on your console. You must scan the QR code on the box and enter your unique code.It's not as crazy as the Destiny toaster or KFC's bucket-shaped gaming PC,
or even the Xbox Mini fridge, but you can't eat it at all. Krispy Kreme is clearly a joke. The accompanying video features the cast as the team behind the donuts. 

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