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What should be checked before "run"? to reduce the risk "Acute myocard
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A runner who died suddenly from symptoms “Acute myocardial infarction” comes from not having a thorough physical examination before running a race. Therefore, before running seriously especially those who will compete in the marathon should have a thorough physical examination
Why do runners look so strong? Can I die while running?
Dr. Nattapon Kaoian, Cardiovascular Institute Rama 9 Hospital states that running is now considered another sport that is more popular in Thai society. As a result, many people turn to exercise by running or participating in a marathon. meanwhile Unprepared health before running is a key factor that can lead to sudden cardiac arrest. Can cause unconsciousness and death while running a marathon.
even though my heart is ready But the body may not have checked the readiness before. There may also be a silent ventricular dysfunction. But it never showed any abnormality when you weren't using your body hard. like when running
Dangerous if running hard without physical examination
In runners under 35 years of age, the cause of the malfunction may be an irregular heartbeat. or in older runners The cause of the disorder may be coronary artery stenosis and rupture until thrombosis in the artery leads to acute myocardial infarction.
What should be checked before "run"? to reduce the risk "Acute myocardial infarction"
Check your Calcium score to assess your risk of heart disease.
Coronary Calcium Detection is an alternative way to check the body's readiness to be at risk of coronary heart disease. The CT Coronary Calcium Score measures the level of calcium in the walls of blood vessels that supply the heart muscle. And can be measured many years before symptoms of heart disease. This value tells the chances of coronary heart disease in the future.

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