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Lego shrinks Marvel Disney Plus favorites like Loki, Scarlet Witch int


With "mystery bags", you never know which of the เข้าเล่น slotxo 12 limited edition toys you will get.Marvel's Phase Four has already given us the Disney Plus series WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki. On August 11, we will have a first installment of What If ...?,
An animated show that promises to flip the Marvel Cinematic Universe script by "reimagining famous movie events in unexpected ways," says Marvel.Lego has already imagined minifigures for major cartoon characters from Looney Toons,
Harry Potter and the Simpsons. With the release of new Marvel titles this year, the toy company is answering the call with Lego incarnations of characters inspired by the show. The toy brick company will offer a Marvel Studios Lego Minifigures collection starting September 1st.
The set includes 12 limited edition minifigs based on the four Disney Plus Marvel series mentioned above. If you have your eye on a particular character, be prepared to contend with a formidable enemy: the mysterious bags.
Lego characters, which you will randomly acquire via mystery bags that each contain one, include The Scarlet Witch, The Vision, Winter Soldier, Monica Rambeau, Captain America, Sylvie, and Loki. There will also be figures inspired by the upcoming What If ...? Series: Captain Carter, 


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