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GTA Parent Take-Two Interactive is working on three unannounced Remast


Grand Theft Auto V's parent company is working on a sequel to three previously unannounced installments. The company just announced the news during an investor presentation published this week.Take-Two first revealed that there are six new iterations in the pipeline,
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including the Kerbal Space Program and Grand Theft Auto 5: expanded and improved for newer consoles, plus a standalone version of Grand Theft Auto Online. The remaining three have yet to be the beginning of March Video gamecompanies have announced ways to remaster
older games and try to differentiate themselves from their competitors in this area. Refuse to just name the port. The company is rather improving its technology, upgrading the image and making improvements in efficiency.
The company has successfully remastered the Mafia series, and the much awaited remastered version of GTA V is set to be released in the second half of 2021.

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