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Georgia Shipwreck: Wells Kit to Help Golden Ray Clean Up


Wells' technology is being used to help protect "Environmental Disasters" in the United StatesHydro Industries in Llangennech, Carmarthenshire Design a device that purifies contaminated water.The kit was used to stop thousands of gallons of fuel aboard a sunken cargo ship polluting the oceans off Georgia.
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Wayne Preece, Chief Executive Officer, said: "We are one of the few companies in the world that can do that."
The South Korean ship Golden Ray carried about 4,200 vehicles when it capsized shortly after leaving the Port of Brunswick in September 2019.About 1,000 vehicles were recovered using mechanical claws or by fishing from the water.
But the 656 ft (199 m) body remains, lying on its side.The golden ray was too large to be removed. thus carved into eight large pieces. Each piece weighs 3,720 tons.Although most of the fuel is sucked out But salvage operations are complicated due to the remaining fuel on board.If it leaks into the ocean, it will cause An "environmental disaster" is something
everyone involved in the project wants to avoid.Hydro Industries is tasked with preventing this situation. while being able to safely move the ship and the rest of the cargo The company works around the world to clean and filter contaminated water from a wide range of industries. This includes oil and gas, mining and marine salvage.

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