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AT&amp;amp;amp;amp;T TV will officially become DirecTV Stream next week.

AT&T TV and the discontinued AT&T TV The brothers will now become the official DirecTV Stream. A new all-in-one service spun off an agreement between TPG Capital and AT&T for the telecom giant's streaming properties.DirecTV began updating AT&T TV and AT&T TV Now customers of the change on August 14th on the welcome screen of both mobile apps,
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informing them that the change will officially take place on the 26th. In August, a spokesperson confirmed to The Verge DirectTV Stream will rebrand the service AT&T acquired in a TPG Capital deal that excludes HBO Max (WarnerMedia, home of HBO Max, is set to merge with Discovery in mid-2022).
According to the company's press release "AT&T's satellite, streaming, or IP video customers will automatically retain their video services, bundled wireless, Internet, or HBO Max services and any applicable discounts without action.AT&T TV launched last year as AT&T TV's premium TV streaming experience, now the company's thin streaming group technically
became AT&T TV earlier this year.And new customers can no longer subscribe to Now (the company said, while AT&T TV Now customers still have access to their account).If all this sounds unnecessarily confusing, well, luckily, this will be the last major brand change that current or future AT&T streaming customers will see in a while.




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