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The Grand Canyon is missing billions of years' worth of rocks. Scienti


Few geological mysteries are as puzzling as the Grand Canyon's 'great inconsistency': more than a billion-year-old lost strata that, for some reason, did not accumulate and stack as well. the rest of the geological record As if those years never happened.Geologist John Wesley Powell discovered this strange gap in 1869 while he was traveling down the Colorado River. Later we will be able to date those layers.
In some places, rocks that were 1.4-1.8 billion years ago sit alongside rocks that are only 520 million years old. There are beautiful lines," said Barra Peak, a geologist at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Their layers are vertical. Then there are intersections, and above that, you have these beautiful horizontal layers forming the bottoms and tops that you associate with. Grand Canyon.
Where did the rest of the stone go?
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in a new study Scientists think they may have an explanation: They are proposing that the Grand Canyon's geological history is more complex than previously thought, and that parts of the site may have changed in different ways over millennia. cause some Rocks and sediments that will be washed into the ocean
We have a new analytical method in our lab. This allows us to decipher history in the missing time frame through massive inconsistencies,” said geologist Rebecca Flower of the University of Colorado at Boulder.We are doing this in the Grand Canyon and in other non-compliant areas. throughout North America"

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