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Australia's 'Space Command' could be a good force


Cassandra Steer, Senior Lecturer ANU College of Law; Mission Specialist, ANU Institute for Space, Australian National University As the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) celebrated 100 years with an amazing and well attended flyover in Canberra this April. Many eyes looked up to the sky. But RAAF's ambitions are even higher. With the slogan "Breaking Through the Stars",
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Air Force Commander-in-Chief Air Marshall Mel Habfeld announced his intention to build New "Space Command"
Having a dedicated space command would make Australia aligned with Canada, India, France and Japan, all of which recently created similar organizations within their military. Unlike the US Space Force, which is a separate branch of the military besides the Army,
Navy and Air Force. The Australian Space Command will oversee space activities throughout the Australian Defense Force.Building a space command is a smart move — but we need to be careful to make sure it doesn't add fuel to the cycle of space military deployments that have already begun.Space technology is important, but it's risky.We rely on satellites for communications, navigation,

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