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Police raids find prehistoric flying reptiles in stunning condition



Incredible specimens found in Brazil are opening a window into pterosaur preferences dating back 115 million years.A fossil discovered during a police raid in Brazil has become one of the best-preserved flying reptiles. the researchers said The remains belong to the tapejarid, a toothless pterosaur from the early Cretaceous period, 
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Some skulls and skeletons of Brazilian Tapejarids have appeared before. But this fossil was found to contain more than 90% of the skeleton intact. along with some of the soft tissue surrounding the bone Victor Beccari, a co-author of the discovery study, published Wednesday in the open-access journal, said: "This fossil is unique because it is the most complete pterosaur from Brazil.
and present new information on the anatomy and ecology of this animal. PLOS one, fossils belong to a species. Tupandactylus navigans and Beccari began their studies in 2016 as undergraduates in biological sciences at the University of São Paulo. There, he used a CT scan to assess the bone that was still covered in sediment.
Pteosaurs lived on Earth 66 million years ago,
before an asteroid explosion ended the dinosaur's reign. and as early as 228 million years ago The Tapejarid originally originated from the Crato Formation in the Araripe Basin, a fossil-rich region of northeastern Brazil that dates back to the Cretaceous period about 115 million years ago. It is housed in six yellow limestone slabs that are joined together 



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