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Can Deep Sea Mining Help a Climate Crisis or a Curse?


In the display cabinet at the recently opened Our Broken Planet exhibition. This is in the Natural History Museum in London. The curator has placed a small lump of dark material with a faint indentation. Blackened lumps can easily be mistaken for coal. Its actual appearance is much more interesting.
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The nuggets are poly metallic knots. And oceanographers have discovered the trillions of them that litter the bottom of the world's oceans. Each is rich in manganese, nickel, cobalt and copper, the most important ingredients in electric cars, wind turbines and solar panels. that we need to replace carbon-emitting trucks, power plants and factories that destroy our climate.
These scrap metals could save humanity from the ravages of global warming. Arguing mining companies say their extraction should be given an international priority rating. Dredge the lump from the depths will slow the scorching of our planet's devastated surface.We need lots of manganese, nickel, cobalt and copper to build electric cars and power plants,” said Hans Smit,
chief executive of Florida-based Oceans Minerals. which has announced plans to dig for lumps of meat “We cannot increase the land supply of these metals without significant environmental impact. The only option is in the ocean.Other researchers disagree – vehemently. They say digging deep-sea pebbles would be catastrophic for our already hot, stressful oceans.

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