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Lithium fuel hopes to restore California's largest lake


Near the dying Salton Sea in Southern California The roof beside the geothermal power plant covers large saltwater tanks left after drilling hot liquids from deep underground to use steam turbines. The tank is connected to a hose that spit out what looks like dishwashing water. but lithium which is an essential component of rechargeable batteries.
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and the newest hope for economic recovery in a depressed region.Demand for electric cars has shifted investment into high gear to extract lithium from overlooked brine and saltwater and pump it back underground since the region's first geothermal plant opened in 1982. It may be worth more than the steam used. to produce electricity
California's largest but rapidly shrinking lake is at the forefront of efforts to make the US It is a major global player in light metal manufacturing. Although there are many deposits in the US. But Nevada has the only lithium plant in the country. And production in the United States is much slower than Australia, Chile, Argentina and China.
Decades of environmental destruction and failed economic contracts have left some residents on the retreating Salton Sea coast indifferent or wary.The Salton Sea was formed in 1905 after the Colorado River dammed and flooded for two years in a sweltering basin. By the 1950s, the lake flourished as a tourist destination. It attracts fishermen, boaters and celebrities, including Frank Sinatra.
But a storm in the 1970s destroyed the marina and resort. Floods destroyed many homes in small resort towns. This used to be the resort town of Bombay Beach. and after the water dries leaving behind the almost end-of-the-world atmosphere that has only recently attracted artists.Lake levels peaked in 1995, but with little rainfall. It has since evaporated faster than the water 

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