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Spotify's shared Blend playlists rank your music compatibility


Back in June, Spotify launched Blend, a shared playlist that collects songs from your and your friends' listening history. But it also comes with new improvements as the beginning Every time you create a Blend playlist with a friend, Spotify generates a match score. By telling the two of you how close you are to your taste in music. Just like the company's
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year-end Wrapped feature.Now also create stories that can be shared. which will tell fun facts Regarding the songs and artists coming into your playlists, Spotify says it has tweaked the cover to make it easier to identify each Blend playlist you create.All users can try this feature. However, if you are a Premium member, you can see who's taste in music
affects each song in the playlist.To create the first item Tap an option. "Create Blend" in the "For You" hub in the Spotify mobile app. and invite your friends Once they accept, Spotify will take care of the rest. And you can share company-generated stories about your playlists.

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