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The world's largest Martian meteorite is on display.


The largest piece of Mars that has ever landed on Earth is on display for the first time.The Martian chunk weighs 32 pounds (14.5 kilograms) and measures 10 inches (25 centimeters) at its widest point. It opened Wednesday (Sept. 1) at the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum in Bethel. It contains about 6,000 extraterrestrial rocks, including the largest lunar rock and the oldest igneous rock formed by volcanic eruptions in the solar system.
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The rock hit Earth after a large asteroid or comet exploded from the Martian surface.Martian rocks can fall to Earth like a meteorite,” Carl Agui, director of the University of New Mexico's Institute of Meteorology, told Live Science. “They were ejected from Mars by a massive concussion event.The Martian rock, Taoudenni 002, is the "largest uncut Martian meteorite in the world.
Agee, who has been involved in confirming that the rock actually originated from the Red Planet.There are approximately 300 Martian rocks on Earth, totaling approximately 500 pounds (227 kg), however collectors often disassemble to sell separately. Thus, the actual number of Martian meteorites known on Earth is between 100 and 150 meteorites,After a strong impact pushed the rock out of Mars. They then float through space and eventually end up in an orbit that cuts through the Earth around the Sun.
A local meteorite hunter discovered Taoudenni 002 near a salt mine in the desert in Mali before the world's leading meteorite dealer Darryl Pitt bought it for the Maine Museum of Minerals and Gems in April 2021. not visible "Maybe in the last 100 years" due to the well-preserved conditions. he added After receiving a meteorite in Mali Pitt sent a small sample of the rock to Agee to verify the origin.Martian meteorites have specific chemical signatures. 

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