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What did Jodie Foster hear on 'Contact'?


Art may imitate life. But rarely can imitate reality. As Naomi Pequette, Space Science Programs Specialist at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, reasoned in an article titled "The Sounds of Contact" as part of The Science if Sci-Fi Cinema: Essays on the Art and Principles of Ten Films. Being "based on a true story" doesn't mean that we will definitely get the whole story.
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From The Science of Sci-Fi Cinema: Essays on the Art and Principles of Ten Films © 2021 edited by Vincent Paturro with permission from McFarland & Company, Inc., Box 611, Jefferson NC 28640.How would you react if you found out that we are not alone in the universe? Imagine the moment when you discover radio signals from another civilization have traveled billions of miles through interstellar space.
It was detected by the most powerful radio telescope in the world. and deciphered by scientists Would it matter if scientists from your home country first detected it? Will the content of the signal matter? Would you like a chance to meet a signaling alien civilization? Here are all the questions the film Contact explores.Contact's opening sequence sets the scientific basis for the rest of the film.As the camera moves away from the world The audience will hear a reverberating sound.
these sounds which is a radio and television signal that travels into space will grow old As we zoom through planets and asteroids Ultimately, silence ensues as the viewer enters deep space and passes by beautiful sights such as the Eagle Nebula. But the scale is all wrong.Humanity has been transmitting television and radio signals to space for over a hundred years. These signals leave Earth and travel at the speed of light.

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